When Big Butts Kill: A Woman Chats Kim Kardashian’s Influence On Her Illegal Butt Injections


You mentioned already having a butt beforehand, what type of body do you have? Do you already have that video girl coke bottle shape?

Yeah. I wear a 38DD and my hip line now is a 70.

It’s fascinating that you would do that even when you had a body that a lot of women want. Were you influenced by pop culture’s obsession with women like Kim Kardashian and J Lo?

Definitely. Nobody was thinking about butts until Puff Daddy comes along and says J Lo has the most perfect butt in the world and then you have Kim Kardashian’s butt⎯number two perfect butt so it’s something that everybody pays attention to now, butts.

Was it also that you were trying to become a video model or break into the industry?

I did at one time. I was trying to break into Smooth and King magazines but I’m over it.

What made you change your mind about that career path?

I don’t really know. It’s just, after I did it, it was like what? Something in my head just turned it off.

Being that you had a butt already you’re probably used to getting looks at your derriere but after the injections did that that increase anymore?

I got more attention. To me it’s ridiculous out here, everywhere you turn.

So as far as the woman who enhanced you did she even talk about the possible risks of the procedure?

I didn’t know about any side effects. All I knew was that my friend told me about it. I missed my appointment like three times because I was scared. It was at her house. And I remember her having the fluid in a Poland Spring bottle and I was like, “Oh my God, what am I doing?” And I’m like, “Don’t punk out, just go ahead and do it.” It was me and my friend, and we just went ahead and did it.

Walk me through the procedure and how long it took?

It took 40 minutes each cheek. People usually do it around their hip area or the bottom of their butt but being that I had a big butt already she put it in the crease, so she rounded it out instead of lifting it up. I was awake the whole time. It was the most painful experience that I went through in my whole life.

How was the “surgeon” as a person, in general?

She was cool as a person. She’s told me that people are known to throw up. She gave me cold water to drink while she was doing it. Her whole thing was I didn’t like needles and every time she had to stick me in different places⎯because these needles are big and they hurt and then to seal it afterward⎯I didn’t know what she used then but I know now she used crazy glue.

What was the recovery like, I imagine you couldn’t sit for a while?

I didn’t go home, my friend took me to the salon and I spent the whole day in the salon. I was fidgety. I couldn’t really sit because it swells so it makes it look like you have this crazy butt but then it goes down in about three or four hours.


After she did it did she give you any instructions for how to take care of it?

She’s like a professional, she had a masseuse that comes and massages and shapes your butt but I didn’t use the lady. But once it gets hard it gets hard so you have shape it the way you want it. But I didn’t. I didn’t have any problems.

What does it feel like to touch? Is it hard or does it feel like a regular jiggly butt?

I’m more of a firm person. I have tight skin so I wouldn’t know. I mean, I don’t’ feel anything there, it feels like the rest of my butt but they say it’s supposed to drop and you have to get it again but I didn’t see any of that. But I had a butt already like I said. I was just being greedy.

How long have you had this in now?

I had it for about a year and a half now. Eight months ago is when the problems started occurring with other people.

What changed with what she was doing?

It was what she was putting in them. I guess one time she was putting in one thing and the next time she was putting in⎯some people say she⎯she did a lot of people. Everything wasn’t wrong with a lot of people. Things went wrong eight months ago with different people that she did. So to me she had to switch whatever she was injecting into people and the people ended up in the hospital. There’s articles saying they don’t know what was in them. It took a long time for them to even figure out what it was.

Are you still satisfied with the work you got done now, and if you could do it over would you do it differently?

Oh no, I would never do it in my life again.

Not even if it was a professional surgeon?

I still wouldn’t do the butt. I would do probably my breasts.

Lastly, women will still probably get this procedure done however they can whether legal or not. Any advice to women who are considering this?

My advice is, stay the way you are. If you going to do it professionally that’s a different thing but if you’re going to do it on the street then don’t do it because you might not come back.

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