When Big Butts Kill: A Woman Reveals Her Experience With Illegal Butt Injections


Some women get their butts enhanced illegally and actually live to tell about it. We caught up with a 29-year-old New Jersey clothing boutique owner who got shots of an unknown substance to enhance her derriere at some random woman’s house. The woman, Anivia Cruz-Dilworth was arrested late last year for botched surgeries, which landed several women in the hospital with serious complications.

As far as our boutique owner, who chose to remain anonymous for this interview, she has had her bigger butt for over a year and a half without any complications but she regrets having gone through with it despite increased attention.

Here she explains how pop culture’s obsession with women like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez lead her to getting shot up with some unknown liquid that was in a Poland Spring bottle.⎯Starrene Rhett

What procedure did you have done?

I got injections.

Is that the hydrogel?

We don’t know what it is, she went to jail for⎯it was about 9 people that she did and they ended up in the hospital.

You didn’t even go to a licensed surgeon, this changes everything!

No. We’re really talking about what’s going on in the street right now. I was in NJ. What’s going on over here is that girls want bigger butts. People are doing their butts over here and I don’t know what she was putting in it they said it was something that had to do with cement from home depot and she was injecting it into people and she⎯it was 7 months ago because she got locked up recently and charged wit malpractice. If you look on the Internet you’ll see the article, you’ll see her picture.

So it was someone different who did the British girl who died recently, right?

I know of that but it’s not her but all of them are using the same things to inject and with the British girl it didn’t go well with her body system. It broke down her body and the rest of the girls [in NJ]⎯one they were doing butt injections at the back of the salon and I guess they were finished and as they were walking to the door somebody burst open.

Wow, so you’re one of the lucky ones.

Yep. I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t know what she put in me and I just had a tragic accident in October where I broke my neck front and back. I broke my c4 and my c5. I was in Miami on vacation and I got in the car with my sister’s friend and he was drinking and he flipped the jeep 5 times and they had to cut me out the back so I don’t think anything abnormal is in me because I had to do two surgeries and they went through my whole body and didn’t see anything abnormal. But some people use⎯like, there’s a guy in Jersey who uses animal fat and injects girls with it and Anivia, the girl who was doing everyone⎯she was using⎯you know the lining of the walls that you use to cement⎯that clear stuff? She was using that. You can find her all over the Internet, just look up “injections,” they’re from New Brunswick. She did about 20 people that got sick.

How much did you pay?

It’s $500.

That must have been a significant step down from what a surgeon would charge.

Yes. If you did the natural surgery it would have been like $3,500.

So why would you go to an unlicensed woman not knowing anything about her or what she uses?

My friend did it and she looked good. I mean, I already have a butt but I guess it was vanity. A lot of people say that people don’t pay attention to things but it’s⎯you know how you see all these videos with women with the big booties? It’s like I need to have a big booty for somebody to want me⎯well that’s the concept I get from the whole thing and that’s where that came in. everybody is seeing all these people with big booties on TV and they want it so I found a way to get it, not knowing that it can make you sick.