Yeezy Taught Me! Chris Rock Gives All Credit To Kanye For “Blame Game” Skit


There was a time when if someone came up to you and said “Yeezy taught me”, you would probably respond with a confused face and say “Yeezy taught you what?”. Now, the quote and skit that it came from ( “Blame Game” off Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) has taken its own life in pop culture, and Chris Rock is the one to ‘blame’. Or is he?

In an interview with Ebony Magazine, Rock talked candidly about the stitch-busting skit. When asked about the “making of” process, he said “…we made it in New York. My family was in Africa for a week, and I had nothing to do. I bumped into [Kanye] at Mr. Chow, and he got me hanging out in the studio for a while. It sounded like it’s all me, but it’s him. He recorded me doing five times as much stuff, and he put it together. Then he texts me, ‘Yo, we got a classic!'”

He continuted praising Ye by stating: “He kept telling me, ‘It could be iller, it could be iller.” He’s an instigator; he just instigated that performance out of me. That was the highlight of my year. To be in something that cool? It’s the best piece of art of the year. They could play the record in the Museum Of Modern Art.” 

In another interview with The New York Times, he talked more about the skit, “I did that quicker than I read scripts that they offer me money to do,” he continued. “I thank him so much it probably freaks him out. Especially at this late date, to get on something, the album of the moment, that stuff is priceless, you can’t put a price tag on that.”

As hilarious as the skit is, inquiring minds really want to know if it was actually inspired by a certain bald-headed beauty.