5 Reasons Lil B’s New Album Title, ‘I’m Gay,’ Is Great For Hip-Hop


1. Every single article that’s written about the homophobia that exists in hip-hop from now until the end of time will have to mention Lil B and the fact that he called one of his albums, I’m Gay.

It’s no secret that hip-hop is perceived as homophobic. Rappers have gotten better about limiting the number of “anti-gay slurs” (word to Kobe Bryant) that they use in their lyrics, but just take a listen to any of the hundreds of diss records that have been created throughout the history of hip-hop and you’re bound to hear a few words and phrases that clearly exhibit the homophobia that still exists. But now that Lil B has titled his next album, I’m Gay, writers and columnists can no longer simply dismiss every rapper as homophobic. They’ll have to mention the Based God and take a look at hip-hop from another angle, which will help give the game a better name in the mainstream media.

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