50 Cent Launches ‘Uber50′ Twitter App


50 Cent is familiar with the popularity of Twitter and has incorporated it into his latest business venture, Uber50. Partnering with UberMedia, Curtis has launched a customized Twitter theme for their Ubersocial Blackberry application.

“Twitter has become an important way for me to communicate with my fans and for my fans to communicate with each other,” 50 said. “We’re all big users of UberSocial on the BlackBerry and already use many of their current themes to customize the look of the app, so it was a natural for me to work with UberMedia to develop a special theme. I think my fans are going to love sending and reading their tweets with my new theme.”

Uber50 will offer features such as custom themes, access to G-Unit’s Twitterlist and a media portal for the latest G-Unit news and videos.

For more info on the app visit Uber50.com and check him out in the latest issue of Vibe.

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