50 Cent Lends Support To Mr. Cee After Arrest: ‘I’d Make Him My DJ Anyday’


After multiple sources and police reports confirmed that legendary New York City DJ Mr. Cee was arrested for “misdemeanor public lewdness and indecent exposure charges,” hip-hop has taken sides in this controversial matter. The hip-hop community remains divided on the situation and few influential figures has spoken publicly about it. However, arguably one of the most successful rappers of all time spoke to Hot97’s Miss Info on his personal feelings and dealings with Mr. Cee. 50 Cent went on record to show his support to the DJ. Listen to what 50 had to say below.



Miss Info Celebrity Drama featuring 50 Cent: Part 1 

Miss Info Celebrity Drama featuring 50 Cent: Part 2 

“The trade-offs that people make for fame have changed over the years. The ways in which “celebrities” are rewarded (and the things they are rewarded for) has expanded. And so has the scrutiny and the pitfalls. I picture all our heroes and villains skating on a frozen lake. The lake keeps getting bigger, the range of performers and the audience keeps growing too; but the more flood lights we add from the sidelines, the thinner the ice gets.”Miss Info

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