Backwards Thinking Abounds: Arizona Votes To Allow Guns On College Campuses, Public Spaces


Arizona’s Republican-led House voted 33 to 24 to allow firearms to be carried in the open or concealed in public rights of way, such as campus streets and roadways.

“We’re allowing people to defend themselves,” said Rep. David Gowan Sr., a Republican, who voted for the bill.

But wait. It gets worse:

“The purpose of carrying a gun with you is to defend yourself against that aggressor,” he added.

The measure now goes to Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer. She has not said if she will sign it into law but has been a strong gun-rights advocate in the past.


One: Isn’t Arizona same state where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a gun toting psycho?

Two: Isn’t this the same country where more people terrorize other people with guns than actually defend themselves?

Three: Let’s look at the Columbine High School massacre, the infamous Virginia Tech shooting, the Florida man who attempted to murder officials in his local district for firing his wife but then turned the gun on himself, Sean Bell and countless other cases where guns do more harm than gun. Besides, going back to Columbine and Virginia Tech, is that really a good idea?



Via Huffington Post.