Big Sean’s 5 Rules for Messing with Other Guys’ Girlfriends


Being down with O.P.P. can be risky business and is not safe territory for an uncertified player. Since he often mentions his sexual conquests in his rhymes we asked Big Sean to give us his rules of engagement when it comes to smashing the next man’s girl.

1 → Don’t Mention Her BF Under Any Circumstances:
Tip number one when you’re dealing with somebody else’s girl don’t ever bring up their boyfriend. Whatever you do don’t ever bring up relationships don’t ever open that door. [If she brings him up] you say “I’m sure he’s a nice guy.” You’re just keeping it cool and keeping it cordial. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, he plays his role and  I’ma play my role. This is such a funny subject to start with but you know you gotta be cool with it when it comes to that situation.

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