Bow Wow Talks Possible Rap Retirement, Becoming The Next Will Smith, Cash Money & Madea (Pg. 2)


Do you worry about how a Bow Wow album in 2011 will translate to hip-hop fans that have gone to more street-based MC’s like Rick Ross and your Cash Money peer/boss Lil Wayne? 
I’m not worried at all. On this record, I sound like a new artist. I’m even approaching it like a new artist. There are so many things that are going on around me that as an artist you want to write about it. And the things that I’m writing about now are true things that I feel. This is my most passionate, realest, and emotional album that I’ve ever done. This album is so personal to me. Once the fans hear this album, I don’t know how I will be able to top it. I may just have to bow out after I drop this one.

Bold words, huh?
I swear to God. And I’m not just saying stuff. I’m just going to let the music speak for itself. I’m excited about this album. It’s not like I’m sitting on my ass not doing nothing. I’m working my ass off. I’m trying to put this album out, but it’s hard when Hollywood is pulling you the other way.

You speak of the pull of Hollywood. What other projects do you have lined up?
As of right now, I’m pretty much booked for the year. I just did a movie last month called Recall. There’s another movie I’m starting on next month in Toronto, which is a comedy. Then I just teamed up with Ice Cube. We are producing my sitcom, which will be out in the near future. 

Have you already found a network for your upcoming sitcom?
No, not yet. We just signed the deal. That’s all the information I can say about it for now. But Cube is definitely that dude. Once I did Lottery Ticket with him, he kind of took me underneath his wing.

Would you rather be in a recording booth or on a movie set?
I love them both. Everybody always asks me that. But it’s so difficult to choose. I love them both. I’m passionate about both of them. I wouldn’t trade one for the other. Now there are times I will say one over the other, but I really can’t choose.

When you listen to your old Lil Bow Wow records or watch the videos of you when you were 13-years-old with the braids, do you laugh at how young you were?
I just look at it as history. And I’m still going.

There’s an early interview of you in which you said you wanted to take your film career to Will Smith-like heights. Do you still have ambitions of being the new Mr. July?
Yeah, I definitely want to become the next Will. Why not? Those are not bad footsteps to follow. Whatever God has planned out for me, I’m ready, man. I’m just taking it one role at a time. We will see where that goes.

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