Dawn And Kalenna Detail Fashion Must-Haves [Part 2]


You both really have an eye for style. With that said, if you could do an ad campaign for any fashion label, who would you work for?
DAWN: I’ve always said Chloé. The reason why is because they’ve never had an artist really do anything with them, and you’ve never seen a brown girl do anything on their ads. I don’t think that’s something that they purposefully do, I just think that’s their look. They do what they do and whatever’s clean for them, and I can respect that in the fashion world, but in my own little dream in my own little chair [Laughs], Chloé would be great` for me. The chicness, the cut, the fabric, it just gives me such 70’s, vintage, Sharon Stone in Casino. It gives me life, and I love it. The browns, the camels, the creams, the colors are just so epic to me, and I think it would be dope to be one of the first artists to be on their campaign.

What labels do you have your eye on, Kalenna?
KALENNA: Rick Owens is definitely dope. I’m keeping my out for Ann Demeulemesster. It’s lowkey, but she’s out there. She’s making noise! And never to say the least, Alexander McQueen. What they’re doing with that dress and that ostrich feather, I’m am living right now! So, those are the three people off the top of my head.

What’s one thing you cannot hit the road without?
I’m a shoe whore. I’m a huge fan of what Versace doing right now, so I have four pairs of Versace shoes this year just because they’ve really outdone themselves. They’re just retarded this year, and I’m so mad at them for being that great [Laughs]! Alexander McQueen will always be my fave. Losing him will always hurt because he’s just such a pioneer to the fashion game, but they just did their new Fall line, and the shoe platform? They should never ever in their lives do something like that again. [Laughs] They should never be that great. It’s disgusting and I’m excited about it. I cannot wait for that shoe to come out; I have people on it already! I can’t go anywhere with my shoes. I’ll be raggedy everywhere but the shoe if I could. I’m a hippie, so if I could carry it in a garbage bag I would, just pull out the stiletto! [Laughs]

Are you a shoe whore like Dawn is?
I’m a shoe whore! It’s crazy [Laughs]. I will buy seven pairs of shoes before I eat. I like Donald Pliner all the way to Alexander McQueen and anything in between that is just candy and food for me. I mean, from [Jimmy] Choo to [Alexander] Wang to fuckin’ Ann Demeulemeester to Balenciaga. I just love shoes. It could be a water bottle and if it’s cute, I’ma wear it. [Laughs]

Do you think you guys are mainly influenced by European style?
We mix it up. You know we still them girls from the urban city that like fly shit. We’re the same girls, but when you look at how well European styles look together, we just add a little hip-hop flavor to it. Sometimes their stuff is a little extravagant for the street where, so we mix it up.

What is the accessory that you can’t travel without?
Yeah, a big, hoop earring with some kind of bling on it. It’s gotta have a bling because you can put a high ponytail on and then have your shoe moment and you’re good. An accesrroy and a shoe, baby, and you’re good!