Fabolous Talks ‘The Soul Tape’, His Lyrical Marriage To R&B And How The Ladies Can Relate


Brooklyn emcee Fabolous (Loso, in case you didn’t know so) is prepping the April 21 release of The Soul Tape, a project fueled by soul beats and samples. With the recent arrival of “Look At Her (Killin’ Em Part 2)” featuring music titans Ryan Leslie and Ne-Yo, Loso is maintaining the momentum from hit single “You Be Killin’ Em” and preparing anticipation for Loso’s Way 2: The Rise To Power. VIBE dined in Manhattan with the rap star to talk all about his latest and upcoming projects, especially what he’s got in store for the ladies.

On The Soul Tape Concept
I really haven’t done that lane much before, and I felt that would be something. As I continue my artistry, I want to touch places that I haven’t gone and do certain music that I haven’t done over and over again. I was thinking about doing this, and when I did the freestyle over Kanye’s “Devil In A New Dress,” that’s what led me to say, ‘You know what? I’ma do a whole tape like this,’ and it’s really all soul beats and samples.

On What Fans Can Expect From The New ‘Tape
It’s a mixture of gritty, it’s a mixture of experience, it’s a mixture of my hip-hop talk, relationships, girls, um.. you know, lifestyle. It’s talking about a few different things. And I think soul beats and samples beats give you that avenue to walk on. When you’re rapping over Lex Luger beats, maybe, you don’t feel as inspired to talk about anything deeper. Not to say Lex Luger is a certain dimension, but certain beats bring out wider emotions and stuff like that.

On “Soul” Being Written As An Acronym
I actually had it as an acronym, but over time I didn’t want to send the ‘tape in one direction or have people thinking a certain way, so I just named it the soul ‘tape. First the acronym was gonna stand for the Science of understanding Loso, and I would be talking about random things and stuff that goes through my head and thoughts and things that go on in my life and my relationships. I still don’t think it’s a bad acronym but I didn’t want to drive it in one direction.

On His Affinity For R&B
I’m not as big of an R&B fan as people like to think, but I just love the marriage between R&B and Hip-Hop. R. Les makes beats that still have a beat to it. You see that I didn’t rap too much on the remix because I wanted it to still be smooth. They wanted me to do 18 barsThe fellas are probably going to be [upset] but they can still ride to it.

On What’s In Store For The Ladies
I’m talking about past relationships and situations I’ve been in, and they might know where I’m coming from with that. There’s a song on there called “Slow Down”, and it’s about a girl who could be wifey but is just moving to quick, partying; needs to slow down. A lot of ladies can relate; they might know someone or be that girl.

On What Fans Can Expect From Loso’s Way 2
Evolution… just music that people can have people throws hand and bobs head] going crazy in the club!

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