Former Family Matters Actress Wants To Do Playboy

“Judy,” the mysterious missing little sister went on to do porn later in life. Nowadays, Cherie Johnson, who played Laura Winslow’s best friend Maxine, is hoping to shed some clothes for a cause a little less x-rated–Playboy.

According to TMZ, the 35-year old actress recently leaked a semi-nude photo taken during a camera phone photo shoot on a So Cal beach last week, and she’s hoping the pics will score her a spread in the popular magazine. Apparently, this has been a dream of hers for several years.

“I have been threatening my family that I was going to do ‘Playboy’ since I was 18 years old,” Johnson tells TMZ. “When my mom said ‘Okay’ … and my grandma said, ‘Bring me a autographed copy,’ I figured I’d make it a goal.”