Freddie Gibbs Signs With Young Jeezy’s CTE Records


Freddie Gibbs Discusses CTE Signing with Young Jeezy from DJ Smallz on Vimeo.

“A day after his CTE chaining from Young Jeezy on stage in Chicago, Freddie Gibbs goes into detail about his new deal with the Snowman.”

Freddie Gibbs also spoke to the Smoking Section:
On Jeezy — “Jeezy’s such a real mothaf*cka that he took that chance. Ninety percent of these niggas in the industry is p*ssy and I wouldn’t f*ck with them regardless, no matter what they offer me. Jeezy ain’t the first mothaf*cka that came to me and been like, ‘Yo, get down with me.’ He was the realest nigga that came to me.”

On The Public Questioning The Decision  — “I ain’t sign with him because he had the hot song on the radio or he’s hot right now. I ain’t no dickrider. I signed with him because I f*ck with his movement. I’ve seen a lot of niggas do that, you know what I mean? Then when that nigga burn out or what not, that’s when a mothaf*cka’s true colors show and they assed out.”


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