How Amber Rose Became Queen Of Barbados In One Weekend [Video]


Last week, the curvaceous blonde bombshell, Amber Rose, was photographed exploring the Caribbean island of Barbados with little information on why she temporarily set up shop in Rihanna’s hometown.

Well, VIBE went along for the ride and quickly discovered how Amber’s first trip to the island turned into a full fledged takeover. 

First, paps nabbed Rose swimming topless along a private beach in the Worthington area of Barbados, causing quite a stir. Next, the business minded vixen was spotted all over town, meeting with the island’s elite and quickly making friends with the next Bajan stars.

Finally, Amber aligned herself with Rihanna’s one-time choregrapher, Trevor Pretty, whose off Broadway musical Love, Life and Happy Endings, is set to premiere at the National Black Theatre in Harlem later this year. Rose and Trevor can heard in the video posted below, discussing future projects.

VIBE got a first hand account of the temptress’ run through Barbados. Trust us, we hear Amber will be back next month with a certain someone holding her hand.


(Trevor Pretty introduces Amber Rose in Barbados)