‘Infamous Life’ Excerpt: Prodigy Tries To Sex Lil’ Kim


VIBE’s pick of the juiciest 300 (or so) words from Prodigy’s memoir, My Infamous Life, in bookstores today!

Heading back to the hotel on Sunset, I thought, I wonder if Lil’ Kim and them are okay. I called and spoke to Kim. She said that I should come hang out at her hotel later. Twin, Delorean, Mr. Bars, Free High, Draws, Gotti, and I hopped in a van to the Swizz Hotel by the Beverly Center mall where Kim and her friends were drinking frozen apple martinis in the penthouse suite. In her room were D-Rock Gutter, Cease, Banger, and other Junior Mafia members plus five of Kim’s female friends.

It was crowded in her hotel room, so Free High got one of her girlfriends’ numbers and then we left. On our way out of the lobby downstairs, Kim’s hairstylist ran out of the elevator calling my name. “P! Kim wants you to come back upstairs!” I told my boys to bounce and sent a van back to pick me up later.

Back inside Kim’s room, I noticed that the Junior Mafia was gone and it was just Kim and her girlfriends plus the hairstylist. She poured me another apple martini and we stepped onto the balcony to talk privately. I grabbed Kim by the waist and started kissing her on her neck. I thought about Mary J. Blige and decided to play this situation differently. “Stop, not right now,” Kim said. “There are too many people up here.” I understood what she meant but I kept trying to sex her right there on the balcony.

After five minutes of us feeling on each other, I feel back because it was obvious that she wasn’t trying to let me hit right then and there. But the things she told me let me know for sure that I could get with her at another time. KiKi [Ed note: Prodigy’s wife] always thought Kim and I were sexing, but it never happened. When KiKi first heard the “Quiet Storm” remix featuring Kim, out of jealousy she told me, “That song is wack.”