Is Hip Hop Homophobic?


The internet and blogs have been abuzz with the recent allegations of legendary Hip Hop producer and popular radio DJ, Mister Cee, 44-years old, who was arrested for lewd acts with a 20-year old young man. It sent a shock wave throughout the Hip Hop community. A blow that knocked everyone off their feet. So much so, that radio personalities Funkmaster Flex and Ed Lover came to the defense of Mister Cee discounting the story as bogus and a hoax.

I watched and read the blogs and reader’s comments. Some were understanding and wanted to talk about Hip Hop’s dirty little secret of down low and gay men in Hip Hop. Others were not so kind. They ranted and raved about gays and their deviant behavior. I also listened as fans called into one particular radio station with their views on Mister Cee and answered the day’s topic, “Is Hip Hop homophobic? And, can a Hip Hop artist come out in society today?”

I thought to myself, “Yes, Hip Hop is homophobic. And, of course not. An artist cannot come out today and have a successful career in Hip Hop.” And, here’s why: Hip Hop is a culture and environment which does not provide a safe place for an artist to come forward or to come out. If you listen to many rap lyrics they promote hate and gay-bashing. It is an environment where the thug and gangster mentality is prevalent. Artists boast of a hyper-masculine bravado, with their crotch-grabbing, degradation of women, and their braggadocios lyrical slaying about the number of women they’ve slept with and children they’ve produced. And, let’s not forget the popular sayings, “No Homo,” or “Pause,” which many in the Hip Hop community preface their statements with when someone makes a comment (“I like the way dude dress,” Or, “His body is crazy,” And, “Dude is a pretty boy”) about another person of the same sex.

Here’s another reason why…

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