Jim Jonsin Talks What’s Missing In Music, Producing For Usher, Wanting To Work w/ Britney Spears And Jay-Z


Grammy award winning producer Jim Jonsin needs little introduction. His music is heard anytime a DJ rocks a party, friends gather for a good time or nightclub gets rocking. With chart toppers from Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Usher and more under his belt, the Florida native’s resume speaks for itself. VIBE caught up with the beat making mastermind to discuss what he feels is missing in producers today,  his upcoming projects and who he wants to work with the most. -–Anthony Reynolds



Upcoming Producers:

JJ: Well right now there’s so many artists coming out through the internet, who are developing their own sound and producing their own songs. They’re using Pro Tools and what not. But I think, not to take anything from them, but musicianship in most of the music that’s coming now is lacking. So something that producers in this day and age should do is start developing artists that are musicians, that play guitars and keyboards and whatever else. We have a responsibility to help change music to being better than it is. Music needs to be great again. So I think to be a good producer right now, its going to take something special. You’re gonna have to be able to put together a group of people like the traditional producers did, like a Quincy Jones or a Rick Rubin. Those guys taught really taught and bred talent.

Working with Yelawolf and Eminem:

I worked a bunch with Yelawolf but I haven’t worked enough with Eminem to tell you what direction it’s going be. I know Yelawolf loves the stuff that I do, some classic rock, blended with hip-hop. And he likes some of that southern hip-hop. So its gonna be a blend of that. Putting Eminem in the mix, I don’t even know where he’s going to want to go, so that’s going to be interesting.

Forthcoming Projects:

Definitely Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf and BOB. But I’m working with a new artist named Leroy from Spain, that we just signed to Rebel Rock. We’re going to get down on Justin Bieber’s new album, and we’ll be getting our first chance to get on Usher’s album. I’m supposed to play a big part in that, Rico was saying that Usher wanted us to help with the majority of the album, which I hope is true.

I want to work with Britney Spears. I haven’t worked with her. I want to try and do something with Britney, that’s something different. Also, I want to work with Jeezy. Him and I have had ideas but we never really got into work, and I definitely want to work with Jay-Z, that would be a dream come true. Jay-Z is one of my favorite artists so that would be huge. I’ve worked with B, I haven’t worked with him. Its like ‘come on man! Lets get it going.’