Khloe Kardashian ‘Feels Accomplished Taking Good Care Of My Husband Who Works All Day’


Khloe Kardashian may come across as a hyper-autonomous independent woman via television, but that doesn’t mean the buxom brunette doesn’t know when to keep romance traditional. 

Sporting the cover of Fearless magazine with her hubby Lamar Odum, Khloe had this to say about her role in their marriage:

When it comes to being a wife I want to be his ‘Little House on the Prairie’ wife, where I don’t want Lamar to have to worry about a thing when he’s at home. I feel like he’s my king and I just want to take care of him. I’m just old fashioned like that. I get great pride and pleasure in doing that stuff for him; it makes me feel accomplished, taking good care of my husband who works all day.”

And Lamar of course is not complaining with that:

“Khloe has this amazing ability to turn a house into a home no matter where we are. I was surprised at how family oriented and homey she is, she was so good at taking whatever little space and making it into a home. She’s good at making any little space our own.”