Kid Fury’s Blog: Madea Versus Mookie: The Buffoonery Battle


Tyler Perry stepped out of his lace panties and made noise this week saying that Spike Lee “can go straight to hell.” This was after Spike called Sir Perry’s work “coonery” and “buffoonery”…and I’m pretty sure he also said something about Tyler’s mama. In any case, the drama makes for decent conversation. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s phony? Who’s fake? You know.

I’m no longer a cheerleader for Madea and her journey to bring families together in Georgia, prison, church, The Check Cashing Store, Omarion’s house, the DMV, and the dark side of the moon. That’s not to say I agree with Spike Lee. I mean, sure the average Tyler Perry production has it’s moments of premium silverback Negro terror, but there is a loyal audience who loves every second of it. 

It’s the repetition that irks me. How many times is Jenifer Lewis going to be loud while crackheads are stealing, women are being abused, Madea is shooting pistols and some down-low brother sings Earth, Wind, and Fire? It gets old, but that doesn’t necessarily make the work buffoonery.

Spike Lee should probably spend less time being the Lil Kim to Tyler’s Nicki Minaj and just let the man cook. I mean, every time we see his bite-sized ass, he’s doing the Harlem Shake in a New York Knicks jersey dress. Where are your movies, sir? Personally, I don’t always want to watch two hours of racism wars and the HIV struggle. Sometimes folks just wanna laugh at a big ass dude in a moo-moo!

So whether Mookie throws a trash can through a window for justice, or Madea drives a Cadillac through a window for a biscuit, it’s all in the name of black inspiration, right? I sincerely hope these girls can become friends so that we can see Madea pledge Gamma Ray and give us a sickening dance number!

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