Lady Gaga To Fans: ‘You Have To Honor Your Vomit’


In the latest installment of “Gagavision,” Lady Gaga tells the world know what it’s like for an artist when their song leaks. It’s obviously not pretty and in Gaga’s world, it’s a bloody death.

“Sonja, do you remember last night? What last night was like? Sonja was about to get some sleep, and then … I got an email,” Gaga reveals in the video clip. “‘Eek! ‘Judas’ is leaking a slow death.’ It was a slow … just put me out of my f**king misery. Just put that s**t [the song] out. There’s no need. They were like tearing limb from limb. First it was like the arm of the song, and then the liver.”

She eventually describes all the songs on the album as 15 minutes of vomiting. Um, OK, we’re pretty sure Gaga’s little monsters will understand. Just watch the video:

Props to PopEater.