Lady Gaga Inspired Blood Concept Fragrances


Four unisex fragrances have blossomed from Lady Gaga’s controversial ideas for perfume. Blood Concept, an Italian fragrances brand established by Giovanni Castelli and Antonio Zuddas, has brought the lady monster’s wishes into fruition. Castelli and Zuddas have been mastering these fragrances for years and have revealed A, B, AB and O; one for each blood type.

The best part? The blood-scented smells come aptly packaged in 40 mL bottled with droppers.

Although Gaga indirectly inspired this genius, yet creepy, idea, she has no direct relation to BC. The scent Gaga wishes to release (also blood-related) will tentatively hit shelves in early 2012. After commenting that she wanted “her fragrance to smell like blood and semen,” the lady monster quickly clean up her verbal mess and explained, “Actually the perfume smells like an expensive hooker.”

The blood-soaked scents are not yet priced.

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