Life Size Barbie Used To Battle Eating Disorders


One college student decided to overcome her eating disorder by reminding herself how ridiculous it is to compare herself to other people and things–in this case, a Barbie doll. The young woman actually created a life size Barbie just to see how crazy the doll would look if she were real. The truth is, if Barbie were real she’d be 6ft tall, have a 38″ bust, and 18″ waist and 33″ hips which is absolutely impossible and ridiculous. Said young woman acknowledges that the Barbie dolls she played with as a kid weren’t the only factors in her warped body image, but studies do show that the plastic doll does affect little girls (think about all the women who refer to themselves as “Barbie;” obvious names certainly come to mind).   Watch the video below, where the concept of the life size Barbie is explained:

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Props to Huffington Post.