Lil B Wants to ‘Bridge The Gap’ With New Album, ‘I’m Gay’


The feedback surrounding Lil B and his decision to name his debut album I’m Gay has been both positive and negative. But the eclectic rapper claims the decision is nothing but positive. When asked in an interview with NY Magazine about his motive behind the title, B says “The message I want to send is that it’s time to stop using words of separation, judging people, and losing lives over senseless acts of violence. I just want all people to be treated equally, all creeds. It would just make everybody’s time on earth easier. Any of my homophobic fans or any homophobic people, I hope that they can see me do this and it bridges a gap.”

He also makes it clear that the album title isn’t for shock value and that he’s not using the gay community for publicity. In another quote from the interview he says ” I don’t support violence and I don’t support negative energy. I don’t support people putting other people down. I’m a supporter of GLAAD and the gay community. It’s major love. I have love for the community and I have love for people in general.” If B takes this newfound attention and makes a really great hip hop album, it would be a huge turning point for not only his career, but for the rap generation in general. Unfortunately, with goofy songs like “I’m Miley Cyrus” and “Ellen Degeneres”, a great hip hop album seems somewhat unlikely. — Keenan Higgins

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