Michael Rappaport Opens Up About ‘Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest’

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Members of A Tribe Called Quest, especially Q-Tip, have been vocal about their discontent with Michael Rappaport’s Tribe documentary (because of some content and behind the scenes drama with production, as MTV reported). However, Rappaport recently opened up about his highly anticipated film and thinks the contrary.

“All the controversy would be dropped if members of the tribe just came to see the movie with an audience,” he says. “All the drama would be over.”

It is stated in a press release, that his love and respect for the Tribe has not diminished and that he would love for them to do an original song for the movie because it would be as exciting as a new original song from The Beatles. Rappaport also expressed that his ultimate wish is for Tribe to perform at the Oscars.


So, clearly, people are on different pages. Will you support the documentary?