Natalie Portman Gives Up Vegan Diet For Pregnancy


Natalie Portman’s pregnancy has brought about some unusual cravings for the health-conscious mom-to-be.

The former self-proclaimed “vegan activist” realized that continuing to live free of all animal products no longer suited her, Us Weekly reports.

Via Pop Eater: Portman, who adopted a vegan diet after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, ‘Eating Animals,’ told Atlanta’s Q100 Bert Show, “I actually went back to being vegetarian when I became pregnant, just because I felt like I wanted that stuff. I was listening to my body to have eggs and dairy and that sort of stuff.”
The actress, who recently launched a line of vegan shoes with company Te Casan, said of the switch, “If you’re not eating eggs, then you can’t have cookies or cake from regular bakeries, which can become a problem when that’s all you want to eat.”

“I actually wanted eggs at the beginning and then they grossed me out after awhile,” she says of her broadened diet. “I know there are people who do stay vegan,” she added, “but I think you have to just be careful, watch your iron levels and your B12 levels and supplement those if there are things you might be low in in your diet.”

Portman, who is due in the summer, says she may revert back to her original vegan diet after giving birth because she is passionate about the vegan lifestyle.