NBA TV Fan Night: Vote For Which NBA Game You Want To See Next Tuesday Night

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Don’t look now, but the NBA season is quickly coming to a close. But with less than two weeks remaining, there are still a lot of things that need to be sorted out before the start of the NBA Playoffs. Namely: Who exactly is going to be in the NBA Playoffs!? In the Eastern Conference, five of the eight playoff slots have been filled, while out West, just four teams are comfortably into the playoff picture.

It’s one of the reasons that every…single…game counts—and you’ll want to catch every game you can. Fortunately for you, NBA TV is holding their final Fan Night of the season next Tuesday evening, meaning you can still decide which NBA game you want to see that night. Your choices include the Charlotte Bobcats trying to eek out a playoff berth against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Milwaukee Bucks trying to stay in the picture by playing the Orlando Magic, the Minnesota Timberwolves tipping off against the New Jersey Nets, the Toronto Raptors visiting the New York Knicks, and the Utah Jazz trying to knock off the Los Angeles Lakers.

Every game has playoff implications, so it’s gonna be a tough call when it comes time for you to decide which one you want to see on NBA TV Fan Night. With that in mind, we asked VIBE’s Account Manager Mufaro Chivore and Editorial Director Datwon Thomas to tell us who they’ll be voting for this week. Check out what they have to say and then head over to the NBA TV Fan Night site immediately to vote for the game you want to see. It’s the last NBA TV Fan Night of the 2010-2011 NBA season—so make it count and go vote now!