Sneak Peak: Birdman's 'I Get Money' Video Shoot With Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Mack Maine And More

DJ Skee and Karmaloop TV were on set with the YMCMB crew during Birdman's "I Get Money" video shoot. Weezy, DJ Khaled, Mack Maine, Busta Rhymes and more all came through to show support.

This track will be featured on Baby's Bigger Than Life.

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Allow Salma Slims To Provide "Seasoning" With Her Irresistible Flow

Salma Slims has come out the kitchen with some new heat.

The Private Club Records prodigy recently released a new song titled "Seasoning," giving her fans the sauce they've craved and then some.

"My flow change like seasons/this that sauce that seasoning/do the whole rap game breezy," Slims rapped on the record produced by Cam Wallace who has worked with artists such as Ty Dolla $ign and Sevyn Streeter. The track single is a teaser for what fans can expect for the artist's and model's upcoming project Runway Rapper expected later this year.

Although she's presently an up-and-coming hip-hop artist and a successful model, instead of rapping about the current "hats" she wears, Slims recalled her past life working in retail as a reminder of tough days.

"Double the dose/I  do this s**t for my bros/I do this s**t for the days I was workin' at Lowes/That s**t was pushin' me close," she rhymed as she rode the beat. Slims also had smoke for anyone who could be bitin' her style and how chasing a "bag" is the only thing she needs.

"Might take a hit from the bong/B***h I get lit while I'm gone/Bitin' my style man, n***as is clones/They just can't leave me alone/I'm in the house like Jerome/I'm in the house like Jerome/Might put life in a song/I put my life in a song." 

"One eighty on the dash/Lil' n***a speeding/Big bag only thing I'm needing/I'm bad Mike Jack wanna beat it." 

Keep an eye out for Atlanta's rising rapper, she's the pinch of seasoning the industry needs.


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This that sauce 🍜 that Seasoning 🧂!!!link in bio !! I’m getting so much love on this song from y’all keep streaming. Let’s keep going up we just getting warmed up. #TeamSalma

A post shared by Runway Rapper (@salmaslims) on Mar 10, 2019 at 2:34pm PDT

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Drake, Boogz, Gilla And Other Toronto Artists Talks Toronto Gun Violence In New Documentary

Mustafa The Poet commissioned some of Toronto's brightest stars to speak candidly about the city's growing gun violence. Against a black backdrop Rax, Gilla and the Six-God himself Drake, all discuss losing a peer senselessly to the streets.

Titled Remember Me, Toronto the somber 11-minute documentary shed a light on the emotional after effect gun violence has on the victim's loved ones. “They don’t know the pain I’ve been through,” Boogz from Malvern said. “The friends I’ve lost.”

Drake attributed the city's violence--which boasts more than 98 homicides and 406 shootings in 2018, making it Toronto's bloodiest year on record-- to feuds passed down generationally. "In a lot of the situations in the city it's passed down by elders, people don't even know the logistics of the beef or why or what really happened, it's just I am conditioned to hate this area of this group of people, " he said.

While street life may be glamorized in some artist's music, Baka NotNice noted the consequences of that lifestyle are far from braggadocious.“You know that feeling when you get the cuffs put on you and you get put in the back of the car. It’s not a game when that happens It’s for real,” he said.

The "God's Plan" rapper also discussed the power street credibility has on the male ego. "It's a daunting path to try and be the biggest and baddest from your ends," Drake said.

Reflectively, Gilla said all this death could be a great teacher in a perfect world.

“I wish we could push a button so that everyone we lost to street life, they’re back, but everything that happened that led up to this sh*t we can remember, and all the pain and sh*t that we still felt we can still feel it and now we have a chance to be like ‘Yo, do we really want to do this sh*t again?'

Check out Remember Me, Toronto Shebib scored documentary above.


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Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Says Singer Was "Definitely" Into Women

Since the release of Finding Neverland, the legacy of Michael Jackson has gone through many filters. Accusations of child molestation have brought into question the entertainer's sexuality but those who knew him well are condemning the shocking behavior recounted by his accusers.

In an interview with Jim Breslo for the Hidden Truth Show Monday (March 18), Bill Whitfield denied Jackson was ever into men or young boys. Whitfield, who was the singer's personal bodyguard for two years, shared stories about Jackson's dating life. Whitfield claimed Jackson dated two women during his employment with the singer but didn't like to bring women home where his children lived.

"We've had enough conversations to know that he's into women. I know," he said. "I'm aware of him spending time with women. Two women in particular, but what he did with these women in the time they were together, that's not for me to tell. I'm not going to put his whole sexual actions –if any– out there."

Whitfield also shared a story where he was Jackson's wingman of sorts when he took interest in a woman who happened to be attending Georgetown University.

As the host lent his ear the victims, Whitfield insisted that the singer "wasn't the type of guy to molest children" and claimed the accusers in the documentary, Wade Robson and James Safechuck were lying.

"They're lying. I'll speak what I know," he said. "I can refudiate their lies because I know what they're lying about. Where are these pictures at? Their facts are fake, the pictures are fake. What else you got?"

Listen to the interview up top.

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