Snitch Move? 8 Rappers Who Have Been Accused of Snitching


The Alleged Snitch: 50 Cent

What He Allegedly Did: Fif has been accused of snitching several times—most notably after he aired out much of his ‘hood’s business on one of his early tracks, “Ghetto Qu’ran,” and later when he allegedly obtained an order of protection against Ja Rule and some of his Murda Inc. cohorts. That coupled with his beef with a whole laundry list of different MCs has caused him to be labeled a snitch almost endlessly. Just Google “50 cent snitch” if you don’t believe us.

Any Truth To It? No way. If 50 was a snitch, we have to believe that Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Ja Rule or someone that he’s beefed with in the past would have found some hard evidence to show us by now. Until then, all the talk about 50 being a snitch is just slander.