Solange, Cassie And Selita Ebanks Bring New Faces + Diversity To Carol’s Daughter


African American, Mexican, Filipina, Native American, Irish and French Creole people are all represented with the new faces of popular cosmetic brand Carol’s Daughter.  Singers Cassie and Solange team up with Victoria’s Secret Selita Ebanks to bring a new look to the company that already features the faces of Mary J. Blige and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

In a world that is becoming the marketplace of racial blending, Carol’s Daughter takes the initative to launch a fresh campaign of women from several different ethnic backgrounds.

Lead investor and chairman of Carol’s Daughter, Steve Stoute explains the direction: “What we’re doing now is moving into a polyethnic space. We want to be the first beauty brand that truly captures the beauty of the tapestry of skin types in America.”

Selita Ebanks mirrors Stoute’s sentiments, “Carol’s Daughter doesn’t have just one direct demographic. Solange’s hair is a different texture than mine; so is Cassie’s. Our skin and body types are different. Today, people are blended, and I think the three of us are a prime example. Women in my family range from vanilla to the deepest chocolate.”

The ladies will be cultural ambassadors for the brand and will educate women on the definition of beauty which today is quite colorless.