Soulja Boy Talks Offers From Cash Money, Lil B And Getting Into Acting [PG.2]



So is going to Cash Money actually a real possibility?

It is a possibility. When I was down in Miami for a couple of weeks recording with Sean Kingston, Birdman reached out to me. He said ‘come and have a meeting with me’ and he told me ‘yo man you’d go perfect with everything we got going on. Whatever you want. I want to bring you over to this family, bring you to Cash Money.’

That could be a big move for you, but I feel like you’ve worked so hard to establish S.O.D. as a brand. I mean you were one of the first “mainstream” artists to embrace Lil B.

When me and Lil B first got together everything that he told me he was going to do, he did it. I feel like with him going and doing the things he’s doing, he’s WWE-ing the game He told me’we’re going to be the best in this rap game. WWE on these folks, smash em. He said ‘I’m going to be a sacrifice. I don’t give a fuck what people say about me because at the end of the day I’m positive and I’m being me. And I was like ‘You know what? you’re right, bro. Shit on them folks.’  And that’s exactly what’s he doing.

Do you think he’s had some influence on your music?

I feel like me and Lil B feed off each other. Just listen to the Pretty Boy Millionaires mixtape we did together. We were in the studio for a whole two months. I feel that we’re always feeding off each other. From “swag” being the new word around town. That’s the lingo that we came up with together. Everybody knows what it is, though. It’s all love with me and Lil B. And all the fans, Based movement and the Juice movement.

B said he’s going to title his next album I’m Gay. What did you think when you heard that?

I flew the fuck out my seat, bro. Then you know what I did? I really thought back to what he said. He said, ‘bro, I’m going to be a human sacrifice, I’m going be the first rapper to do this shit. I’m going to show people that words don’t mean nothing. When the first time somebody picked on me in school or picked on somebody else in school like ‘you’re gay’ or ‘you’re a bitch? You know what I’m going to flip this shit, and I’m going to call myself a bitch and call myself gay, and I’m still going to get money.’ And that’s real, I support in everything.

Do you think he’s doing it to make a statement? Or is it for attention

Man, it’s like when you call somebody a “bitch,” they would kill you over that shit or when you call somebody “gay,” that shit really fucks with a nigga’s head. If you’re in school with a real homo and you say ‘man you’re a fucking faggot,’ he might come back and shoot the whole damn school up the next day. It’s just that serious.  And Lil B is just trying to be a human sacrifice and show the people that words don’t mean shit. He’s probably going to have a hard time doing it, but that’s what he’s trying to do. Being yourself. Doing you. That’s what he’s trying to do.

Lil B has his Based movement and you also have your movement. Where do you see yourself going musically? Do you see yourself shifting in a certain direction?

I’m just shifting to this new swag; the new juice. People love me right now, and I’m just going to keep feeding it to them. My whole new thing is just the Juice right now. The Juice really got the internet hyped like how I want it to be and I’m doing this interview with y’all, so I’m doing something right.

After the mixtape, what’s next?

My movie drops at the end of this year. Everybody that’s listening to this interview, reading this interview, go to, make sure y’all go to see my latest stuff.

Is there any chance we could see you doing movies on the big screen?

Yeah man. Hopefully that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve been putting together a couple of things. People have been reaching out and wanting me to be in some movies. Hopefully.

Would you ever do a Tyler Perry movie?

Yeah man, if it makes sense and it’s a good role. And Tyler Perry, you can’t lose with him. He’s killing it in his market right now.

Who is your favorite actor?

I like Will Smith,  Denzel,…Samuel L. Jackson. But yo, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen need to do a movie with me.

What would be your dream role?

I want to save the world. I want to do something like Independence Day. My ultimate role would be to play someone like Neo in the Matrix. If that would’ve been my role, that movie would have sold 30-million more copies.

Besides movies and the mixtape is there something else you got going on?

I’m going to start shooting this reality this show after my mixtape drops. It’s going to show you everything I go through behind the scenes. It’s coming out on a major network, but I can’t say anything else about it yet. 



Listen to Soulja Boy’s Juice Mixtape here.


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