Tee Tee From ‘The Game’ Talks Interracial Relationships

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If you watch The Game, then you know that “Tee Tee” (Barry Floyd in real life), despite his goofyness, actually drops pertinent knowledge. This is why award winning relationship blogger, Anslem Samuel (NakedWithSocksOn.com), decided to see if the man in real life was just as shrewd.

An NWSO reader submitted the following question about an interracial romance:

Dear Tee Tee,

I’ve been dating my girl for about two years now but I haven’t introduced her to my family yet because she’s White and I’m Black. The reason I’ve taken so long is because my parents are real big on their Caribbean culture and have always had snide comments to say about interracial dating. Well, I really love this woman and proposed to her last week. She said yes, but now I’m worried about how to break the news to my family. What should I do? ”

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