The Art To Dating Multiple Men Without Being Shady


Dating multiple people is a skill honed most often by men, but ladies can’t be counted out. As the femme fatales that Vixens can sometimes be, it is imperative to learn the rules. The tricks of this particular trade are simple, and the bottom line? Don’t get too attached.

Acceptable Behavior

Going on dates with multiple guys but having the class not to bring it up your “dating spree” as a topic of dinner conversation.

Tonsil hockey or light making out (rounding second base) with as many men as you please. Staving off sex with all of ‘em—until you figure out which one you like best.

Texting or emailing multiple guys each day.

Unacceptable Behavior

Telling your date about all the other men who emailed you on OK Cupid.

Sleeping with all of them.

Texting or emailing other guys while you’re on a date.

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