Time Out! 10 Celebrities Who Should’ve Been Included On TIME’s 2011 Most Influential People List


The Celebrity: Lady Gaga

Why She Should Have Been Included: Outside of the fact that she’s set herself up to be arguably the biggest pop star of this generation, Gaga has also done wonders for a number of different charities and her hit single, “Born That Way,” was more than just a catchy pop single—it was a story about acceptance that resonated with young people everywhere. Even if you did get sick of it about 5,465,786 plays ago!

What She Can Do To Make Sure He Makes It Next Year: Keep doing what she’s doing, put out her long-awaited new album, and hope TIME notices. We get the feeling they didn’t want to include Bieber and Gaga this year, so maybe after her inclusion last year, they wanted to give someone else a shot? Regardless, we fully expect her to make her return next year.