Toya Carter Talks Love & Hip-Hop, Wedding Dreams & Changes In Wayne (Pg. 3)

Would you ever consider being on a show like Love & Hip-Hop?
I was once involved with a rapper, so people thought Tiny and Toya was a baby mama hip-hop girlfriend show. And we just decided not to do that, but to each its own. I love those shows, but I don’t think I could personally do it because I’m not with the drama. I don’t have problems with my friends and argue with women. It’s not my thing. I love the shows, but that’s not me.

And you’re definitely not marrying a rapper. How do you see your wedding with Memphitz looking?
I just want something small and intimate because at the end of the day, I did the big wedding before and it seems to be a big fashion show and it’s for everybody else and I feel like when you find your soul mate, you want to make it about you guys. I want to do something that involves me and my husband and not America. He’s never been married so he wants to do a big wedding though [laughs]

Do you have a date set?
Am I supposed to be saying this? [Laughs]

Yes. Maybe in 2011?

He comes off really supportive of you.
He really is. He’s very family oriented. Me, him, his daughter, and my daughter, all the time, we do all kinds of stuff together. He’s that friend, that partner… he’s my spiritual side.

Let this be the last Wayne question you answer. Have you noticed any significant changes in him since he’s come out the pen? 
I’m not around him like that so I don’t really know, but when I do see him he’s cool. He seems like he’s got his business mind on straight. He’s been with his kids a lot lately. And that’s all that matters, to me, is his relationship with his kids, his daughter. The rest is history. 

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