Uncle Luke Raises $250 At Fundraiser For His Mayor Run


The road to becoming the first rapper-turned-mayor of Dade County, Miami has been a bumpy one for Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke from the infamous rap group 2 Live Crew.


At a recent fundraiser for his run for mayor, Luke raised a mere $250 from donations. While the reformed wild man maintains that his race isn’t about the money and he only started the donations at $5, his funds are mere crumbs compared to those of his opponents.

Other running parties racked in hundreds of thousands more in capital. His competition managed to bring in: Carlos Gimenez reported almost $230,000, Marcelo Llorente reported nearly $370,000, and Julio Robaina reported well over $600,000 in funds.

“It’s about jobs and getting new money into Miami,” said Campbell. “This is a $5 campaign where we don’t want special interest money.”


(via Local10)