V Archive: Ghostface, Game, Styles P. & DJ Toomp Remember Guru


VIBE Remembers Hip-Hop legend Guru of the legendary group Gangstarr. Listen to a few of those who were touched by his music. Rest In Peace Keith “Guru” Elam (July 17, 1961 – April 19, 2010).



“Guru I remember watching him on Rap City, watching his music videos. It’s sad but at the same time it’s real life. We as a people got to start taking things seriously. Things happen whether you get shot or have a heartache this is real life. It’s hard to speak on it.”- Ghostface

“Guru has an influence on everyone. It’s crazy that [he passed] but there is nothing you can do but look at your life and see how you can prolong it.”- The Game

DJ Toomp: “First thing that ran through my mind [when I heard Guru had passed] was [the video for] ‘Manifest,’ when he had those glasses on and looked like Malcolm X“, Toomp shared with VIBE. “I will always visualize him as the first rapper who got on TV and portrayed Malcolm X. That song and video had a strong impact on me because I’m a huge pro-black brother. So I’m going to always remember him as that dude.”

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“Meeting Guru and just to have him recognize us as The Lox—acknowledge us as real spitters—was just crazy for me,” Styles told VIBE.com

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