V Exclusive: Mack 10 Talks New Album With Glasses Malone And Signing Xzibit; Passes On Ice Cube Reunion

After undergoing successful stomach surgery on Monday in Los Angeles for what was being described as “acute abdominal pains,” West Coast rapper Mack 10 has released a buzz-heavy collaborative album with new breed Cali spitter Glasses Malone. For Mack, the new project entitled Money Music (in stores now) was a labor of love for the legendary hip-hop vet. He credits Malone, who he signed to his Hoo Bangin' label, with making the recording process a revitalizing experience. 

“Glasses was great to work with,” Mack 10 tells VIBE. “I saw a lot of him in myself. I like being around the younger artists. They are hungry. Helping out the new rap generation is what keeps the hood alive. If you get to a point where you don’t want to put anyone new on, rap is going to die out. I’m already going to the Hall of Fame. I have a yellow jacket coming to me already. All I could do is help the new artists and embrace them because somebody helped me. I ain’t never going to shit on the youngsters. That’s why they fuck with me.” 

For Mack, who made his debut with his 1995 self-titled Cali-classic and enjoyed multi-platinum success as a member of the G’d up super group Westside Connection—a trio that included Ice Cube and WC—it was important to make an independent statement with the new release. “There’s not many guest artists on Money Music,” Mack says of the project. “It’s just Richie Rich, who is also on Hoo Bangin’. He’s an Oakland legend. We just wanted to do it ourselves, kind of like how Westside Connection would do records. Drastic Measures did most of the production. You have to find the next hot producer and let them do most of the album so you can have a certain sound to it.”

One of the more intriguing moves Mack 10 has recently made is signing rapper/actor Xzibit to Hoo Bangin’. When asked if he was taking a chance inking a deal with an artist who is now more renowned for his Hollywood success (X has had an impressive run appearing in a string of films and hosting the groundbreaking MTV car show Pimp My Ride) than his past hip-hop triumphs, Mack insists that Xzibit still has it.

“He does his acting thing, but he can still rap his ass off,” says Mack of his West Coast rhyme peer. “He’s a real MC…that’s why I signed him. He’s been working on his record. It’s probably going to come out in August.” 

Mack 10 says there are plans to go out on the road with Glasses Malone, Xzibit and Richie Rich. But one artist you won’t see sharing the stage with Mack is former mentor and cohort Ice Cube. The pair had a falling out in 2007 due to business issues. “I haven’t spoken to Cube in a long time…like years,” Mack says when asked if there was any chance of a Westside Connection reunion. “I don’t know if we will ever speak again. I haven’t given it much thought. It’s all about Hoo Bangin’ now. Outside of that, I can’t really think about it. That’s the way you have to approach this business right now. This is not 1995 anymore.”—Keith Murphy  


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John Lamparski

Diddy Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Former Chef

Diddy has reportedly reached a settlement with his former personal chef in a sexual misconduct lawsuit that was filed in 2017, NBC Los Angeles reports.

The settlement stems from a lawsuit Cindy Rueda filed nearly two years ago. Rueda was reportedly Diddy's personal chef from Apr. 2015 to May 2016. She accused the Bad Boy mogul of sexual harassment and unfair wages. She claimed that she never received additional pay for extra work hours during her time of employment.

Additionally, she alleged that Diddy requested that Rueda serve breakfast to him and a guest in his bedroom. During those incidents, she said she was forced to see "Mr. Combs and his guest indisposed and engaged in sexual activity." Upon entering, she alleged that he would then yell and curse at her.

In Aug. 2017, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge sent Rueda's case to mediation outside of the court due to the terms of an agreement she previously signed as an employee for Diddy.

The terms or value of the settlement has not been disclosed at this time.

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Getty Images

Jussie Smollett Facing Felony Charge For Filing False Report

Update: 8:00 pm ET (Feb. 20, 2019) - Jussie Smollett has reportedly been charged with a class 4 felony charge for filing a false police report, according to The New York Times. If convicted, he faces up to three years in prison.

Original story below...

Jussie Smollett is officially a suspect in the alleged attack that occurred in Chicago earlier this year. Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi  announced the news on Twitter on Wednesday (Feb. 20).

“Jussie Smollett is now officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation by #ChicagoPolice for filing a false police report (Class 4 felony),” Guglielmi tweeted.

Case Update: Jussie Smollett is now officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation by #ChicagoPolice for filing a false police report (Class 4 felony). Detectives are currently presenting evidence before a Cook County Grand Jury. pic.twitter.com/FhDcbBKsuU

— Anthony Guglielmi (@AJGuglielmi) February 20, 2019

Felony criminal charges have been approved by @CookCountySAO against Jussie Smollett for Disorderly Conduct / Filing a False Police Report. Detectives will make contact with his legal team to negotiate a reasonable surrender for his arrest. pic.twitter.com/LvBSYE2kVj

— Anthony Guglielmi (@AJGuglielmi) February 21, 2019

The announcement comes only moments after video surfaced of the two brother purchasing ski masks, gloves, and other supplies in a local store. The Osundairo brothers were allegedly hired by Smollett to act out the attack.

Smollett has adamantly denied accusations that he staged the attack. His family, Fox, and many other celebrity friends also released statements defending him. On Wednesday evening (Feb. 20), Smollett's legal team (Todd Pugh and Victor Henderson) issued the following statement:

“Like any other citizen, Mr. Smollett enjoys the presumption of innocence, particularly when there has been an investigation like this one where information, both true and false, has been repeatedly leaked. Given these circumstances, we intend to conduct a thorough investigation and to mount an aggressive defense."

Story developing... 

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Dominik Bindi

Video Surfaces Of Osundairo Brothers Buying Supplies For Jussie Smollett Attack

A new video of the Osundairo brothers, the two who alleged Jussie Smollett hired them to stage an attack in Chicago earlier this year, has surfaced online. The video shows Ola and Abel Osundairo purchasing supplies that were allegedly used in the attack.

The video, which was obtained by CBS, shows the two brothers stepping up to the cashier's counter to buy ski masks, gloves, bandanas, sunglasses, and red hats that resembled MAGA hats. At one point in the video, Abel pulls his hood over his head, perhaps in an attempt to avoid showing his face on surveillance cameras.


I tracked down surveillance of the Osundairo's buying supplies before "attack"

Sources say Jussie Smollet told brothers what to buy.

Countless phone calls placed for this.

Visited more stores than I wish to admit. @cbschicago https://t.co/GT6h2g6Y9a pic.twitter.com/ULr3UTDe9Q

— Charlie De Mar (@CharlieDeMar) February 20, 2019

CBS2 reports that the brothers bought the suspected supplies the day before the "attack" on Jussie. While previous videos obtained by the Chicago PD suggest the attackers were wearing ski masks at the time, the new footage does not confirm that Smollett orchestrated the attack.

The Empire actor has reportedly agreed to sit down with the police for another interview. Check out the new video below.

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