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V Exclusive: Toya Carter Talks Being Sick Of Weezy's Name, Dream Wedding And Why Her Show Won't Be Like Frankie & Neffe's

Antonia Carter may own a last name worth over a milli, but that doesn't mean she's just another well-paid baby mama. The resplendent entrepreuner (see: Tiny & Toya) and philantropist (see: Visual Beauty) is determined to make you remember her for more than just Wayne's first love. VIBE caught up with the reality star and budding author to talk why her second show won't be anything like Frankie & Neffe, how she sees her second wedding and why she hates when you bring up Wayne. 




VIBE: Your new book Priceless Inspiration is part memoire part motivational. What made you want to put your story out there?
Toya Carter: I've always written a diary since I was a little girl. That was my way of expressing myself, so I just decided to turn it into a book. After seeing how much I've grown since being a 14-year-old pregnant girl going through all of this different stuff with family, relationships, watching people I loved get hooked on drugs, domestic violence, I'd already written it down in my diary and looking back at it it inspired me to write a book. Priceless Inspiration is dedicated to those young girls whose parents try to lead them the right way and they don't listen, so maybe hearing it from one of their peers or someone they may look up to will help. 

What was the toughest experience for you to write about?
I talk about my previous relationship [with Lil Wayne a little bit, but not in a tell-all way. I talk about things that I've learned from that situation and how I was looking at it at that age. When I was 14 I tried to make someone be what I wanted them to be not knowing that they had to grow up and what I was expecting out of a relationship with someone that was in the public eye and me raising my daughter and the help I wanted from them. When they gave me that financial support and not the love and attention I was looking for because when I was growing up I didn't have no one to give me love and affection and I was looking for that from that person. I open up about that a little. That was like the hardest part... involving [Wayne, but they were a part of my life so everybody who was a part of my life is in Priceless Inspiration from Wayne, to my mom, to my dad, to my brothers, to my ex-best friends, everybody.

Was it difficult because you don't want to keep connecting yourself to Wayne?
That situation is so hard. People feel like I'm going to always be connected to Wayne because that's how I was introduced into the spotlight, but I feel like I'm much more than just his baby mama. It's just crazy because everything I try to better myself it's always "That's just Wayne's baby mama." I open my store and people come to the store and it's "That's Wayne's baby mama's store" or I do my own show and it's "Wayne's baby mama got her own show now" or I write a book and it's "Oh it's a tell-all about Wayne," so I feel like I can't dodge that situation. I can see if I was sitting around waiting for Wayne to make things happen for me, but I'm making things happen for myself and I still get that stereotype. But I won't let that stop me from doing me, but it does bother me sometimes because I can't help who I fell in love with and had a kid by.

I feel that. Is that the reason why you refer to Wayne as Dream in the book?

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Rich The Kid, Nav, And More Friday Music Releases You Need To Hear

Mar. 2019 was a pretty slow month, but we are back with a new list of the hottest Friday releases. From Rich the Kid to Nav and more, here are all of the Friday music releases that you need to hear below.


Rich The Kid – The World Is Yours 2

Rich the Kid is back with The World Is Yours 2. The 16-track project features Offset, Big Sean, Tory Lanez, Gunna, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. The album also includes the pre-released singles, "Splashin'" and "4 Phones."

This is Rich the Kid's second studio album. It is a sequel to The World Is Yours, which was released in Mar. 2018.

Listen to Rich the Kid's new album below.

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Nav – Bad Habits

Nav's sophomore studio album is here. Bad Habits consists of 16 tracks and includes guest appearances by Meek Mill, The Weeknd, Young Thug, Gunna, and more.

Nav dropped the tracklist and video teaser ahead of the album's release. The preview includes behind-the-scenes footage of the rapper's past live concerts.

The album is completely produced by The Weeknd. Listen to Bad Habits below.

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Megan Thee Stallion – "Sex Talk"

Raunch and debauchery ensue in Megan Thee Stallion's newest single "Sex Talk." The track, which arrived early Friday morning (March 22), is sexy, empowering, and strong as the 24-year-old takes charge of her sexual nature in this single that puts a women's pleasure over a man's.

"Can I f**k ya to a trap beat? He said girl you tryin' to trap me?/Ah hell nah, ni**a no I ain't (What?)/You can hit that door, here go ahead leave," she raps over the bass-heavy beat.

"Sex Talk" is projected to land on the Houston rappers forthcoming album Fever, which is slated to hit streaming shelves in Apr 2019. Stream the Stallion's "Sex Talk" below.

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Jacquees ft. Lil Baby – "Your Peace"

Jacquees, or the King of R&B, as he likes to call himself, just released a new single featuring Lil’ Baby. “Your Peace” features Jacquees' signature sound and the Atlanta rapper riding on the R&B beat. Listen to the track to hear the two Georgia artists try to find peace with a special someone.

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Tasos Katopodis

Shaquille O'Neal His Taking His Music Talents To Miami

Shaquille O’Neal is coming out of retirement, and we're not talking about basketball. Actually, the four-time NBA champ is heading back to Miami to showcase new music. Shaq will reportedly be one of the headliners at the upcoming Miami Music Week this month.

The sports commentator will bring "Shaq's Fun House" to Miami Music Week. The performance will showcase his DJ skills.

"Performing to me is my Game 7," O’Neal, aka DJ Diesel, told The Associated Press. "Game 7, down by one, the city needs you, everybody needs you, the crowd’s going crazy. When you do these music festivals, the kids, they come to do two things — relieve stress and have a great time. Sports and music relieve stress, and I happen to dominate both."

Shaq's passion for Dj-ing dates back to the early 2000s. His "fun house" has previously made appearances during the Super Bowl festivities earlier this year and in Miami in 2018. Shaq is also a platinum-selling rapper. His first studio album, Shaq Diesel, sold one million album units in 1993. His next three studio albums also performed well on Billboard's US R&B chart.

As far as his Miami showcase goes, Shaq said that he isn't worried. "There’s really no pressure," he said. "I was taught since an early age, if people pay to see you perform, just give them a show. When it comes to playing music, you just have to pick the right songs the kids can groove to. Give them some new stuff, give them some old stuff. And when I get up there and I see the bouncing, I just go into the zone. Music and sports are the only things that get me into that zone."

Shaq will join several celebrity guests during Miami Music Week. DJ Diesel will hit the stage in Miami on Mar. 29.

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There May Be A TLC Musical Coming To Broadway

Would you see a TLC musical? Whether or not you'd spend your money to see a play about the iconic girl group, there's a chance that their story will be coming to Broadway.

In an interview with Chatter, Chilli discussed the possibility of bringing a musical about her group to the Great White Way. She noted that the musical would be centered around untold stories of the group.

“We didn’t tell everything. We have so many stories to tell," she explained. "We didn’t tell it all in our biopic we did with VH1. A lot of good stuff. It’s gonna be very emotional but a good ride.” She also noted that there will be new music written for the musical as it comes to fruition. TLC recently announced they will be on tour with Nelly and Flo Rida for the summer.

Biopic/jukebox musicals have been all the rage. Motown: The Musical pertained to the legacy of the legendary record label, and was nominated for four Tony Awards in 2013. More recently, a musical featuring the legendary hits of Donna Summer hit the stage, however, it closed in December 2018. Currently, Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations is heating up and delighting audiences.

Check out her interview above.

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