V Exclusive: YC Speaks On ‘Racks’ Success, Haters And One-Hit Wonder Criticisms [PG.2]



What can people expect when they hear YC’s music?

Just expect the unexpected and expect good music throughout.

How has the music industry embraced you in terms of being a new rapper on the scene?

The embracing is pretty good to be fresh out the gatedoing what I’m doing. I feel like I got a lot of support and a lot of love in the music industry to be a newcomer.

You were brought out by Diddy during the Coming Home tour in Atlanta, how was that experience?

The crowd went crazy and everbody knew it and that felt real good. To be brought out by somebody like Diddy, that felt real, real good.

Who did your favorite “Racks” remix?

I haven’t even heard all of them. But just to have people jumping on that record not even asking, theyre just doing it to let me know it’s a big record. From Da Brat doing a version to Trina doing a version, Twista doing a version, Ace Hood doing a version, its like that’s a plus in my book.

Who would you love to do a remix with?

Wayne, Drake, Jay Z, Kanye and Justin Bieber [Laughs]

For the naysayers who may think you are a one-hit wonder, what’s your response to them?

 Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Everybody got one, so everybody is entitled to it but why is  somebody’s opinion going to bother me? It doesn’t make no money and it’s useless. It’s not paying the bills, it aint doing nothing. It’s just an opinion. While they’re making opinions I’m making money.

Whats next for YC?

Just to deliver my fans more music and to deliver an album that Im expecting to do real good as far as how times are right now with the music. A lot of people aren’t going platinum that used to go platinum. But I expect a great, great record.

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