Warren G Releasing EP With The Late Nate Dogg


Hip-hop remains in mourning with Nate Dogg’s tragic passing stil lingering in the air. But true fans, friends and family are doing their best to uphold his memory in a positive light.

One of his closest friends, Warren G, recently released a tribute record to the late West Coast legend.The track “This Is Dedicated To You” hit radio earlier this month.

“It’s a record just to let everybody know how I felt and what I was going through during the time he was in the home and having therapy, because everybody would ask what was up with Nate,” says Warren G. “I didn’t want to tell them [too much] just for the sake of his family and his privacy. I couldn’t tell them the situation, but he was progressing, so I’d always say that he was progressing and we hoped to get him back up on his feet soon. So I did the record just to let everybody know what was going on with my homeboy.”

Warren also revealed that he recorded a whole album worth of material with Nate and plans to release an EP this summer with a number of unreleased Nate Dogg songs and new collaborations with the likes of DJ Quik, The Game, and B.o.B.

“Nate wasn’t just a hook man, he was a songwriter too,” he remembers. “He was just incredible. Back in the day I had seen how he could captivate the crowd when he sang. We’d be in the hood and he’d sing and everybody would just melt. I was like, ‘Nate, let’s go and let’s work, let’s make it happen and be successful.’ And we did that.”


(via MTV)