What She Say? Donatella Versace Is Not Threatened By Celeb Designers


 “Some of these collections are for cheaper, mass market fashion. I don’t think that creativity is there… Music stars wear Versace.” (via Reuters, 2011)

Italian fashion designer and the woman behind Versace, Donatella Versace, breaks no sweat when little birdies spill the beans on celeb fashion lines, especially on celebrities. House of Deréon, Material Girl and the Victoria Beckham collection are just a girls’ playmates, rather than fierce competition for the Lady of the one of fashion’s biggest name. The music scene, even hip-hop, has embraced the fashion house and openly endorsed the brand in numerous hit songs. Will Donatella ever lose?

We doubt it.

Do you think she should feel threatened by upcoming celeb designers? Let us know what you think!