50 Cent Clarifies Cancelled Sleek Audio Headphones Deal And Forms New Company


Last week, an unclear report press release was made public announcing 50 Cent and Sleek Audio parting ways on their once budding headphones line. Rumors were abound insinuating that Fif had made a bad business move and the investors pulled out.

However, G-Unit’s head honcho spoke to AHH on what really went down.

“As reported, the license arrangement between my company, G-Unit, and Sleek Audio to produce headphones branded as ‘Sleek by 50′ has been cancelled,” 50 clarified to AllHipHop.com. “Instead, I have established a new company that is developing a complete line of audio accessories, including wireless headphones, offering superior sound quality along with cutting edge technology for all music lovers to enjoy.”

As a businessman, 50 said that he seeks ownership in any company that utilizes his name and brand recognition. 50, who still owns a hefty 7.5 million shares of TVGoods, is also still committed to his original vision of creating a world-class audio product for his fans.

“As an artist, I am committed to bringing top-of-the-line audio products to my fans, and I am excited that I have the resources to achieve just that with this new venture,” 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com.