Ballin’: Barkley Calls LeBron, Heat Whiners

The way TNT analyst and former NBA legend Charles Barkley sees it LeBron James and the Miami Heat are head and shoulders above practically everyone in virtually everything they do.

“I think LeBron is the best basketball player in the world right now, and I think the Miami Heat are a really good bunch of dudes but they sure are a whiny bunch,” said Barkley. “He (LeBron) was mad at me for a while; him and his guys think because some of us didn’t like that ‘Decision’ thing they got mad about that. Like wait a minute, I always said it’s nothing personal, that thing was silly. We say he’s the best player in the world, but you guys are mad because we criticized ‘The Decision’. They’re angry about everything.”

One thing even Barkley, James, Dwyane Wade and all of Heat Nation can agree should serve as a source of wrath for the team is the way they performed in Sunday’s Game 1 Eastern Conference finals 103-82 thumping at the hands of Chicago. “We have to be patient and we have to get the ball from side to side and attack their defense,” said James, still fixated on the reality the Heat posted their second lowest point total of the playoffs against the Bulls suffocating, league-leading defense.

“But this is the playoffs, and this is only one game. We can lose by 100 points… it’s not like we gave them two games.” Just as critical as all that, notes fellow TNT announcer and legendary NBA sharpshooter Reggie Miller, is that Miami keeps its wits about itself and their understanding of each other as teammates faced with always fighting an uphill battle.

“Whatever the Heat do, it seems like we’re always coming down on them,” said Miller. “They can’t win and I think a lot of times they get an unfair shake. You have to give these guys a bit of leeway.”— Glenn Minnis