Banned From TV! 5 Reasons Game’s New “Red Nation” Video Is A Major Fail


1. It puts Game’s single in jeopardy—and makes us believe that another delay for The R.E.D. Album could be on the way.

Make no mistake about it: Game and Interscope head honcho Jimmy Iovine have both gone on the record to say that The R.E.D. Album won’t be subjected to further album delays—but this has to have both of them rethinking their strategy. Like it or not, shows like BET’s 106 & Park still have a certain level of power and influence when it comes to helping artists break new singles. Without that, we don’t see “Red Nation” making much of a splash and it’s like that the song and the controversy surrounding it will be dead before the weekend. So by submitting a video that ultimately got banned, Game essentially just took one step forward and about five steps back. That makes us hesitant to believe The R.E.D. Album is still on the way.