Billionaire Bosses! Oprah Talks To Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren For ‘Oprah’ Show

“Ralph Lauren sells much more than fashion: He sells the life you’d like to lead.”

That particular line in the 2002 issue of O Magazine is the truest one I’ve read about a fashion designer and their influence on style. An episode about the Bronx-born Ralph Lauren is airing on The Oprah Show today. Oprah and her cameras (which have access to pretty much anywhere) head up into the Rocky Mountains to visit the Polo God for a rare interview about American style and Lauren’s familial roots. His fashion influence has reached beyond races and has honestly developed an upper echelon thinking when it comes to lifestyle.

Check out the episode today, or catch in it full tomorrow! We’re PRETTY positive that the vids will be floating around on the internet in a few hours!

FYI: Oprah’s farewell episode airs May 25.