Bossip Claims Esther Baxter Asked Them To Post Her Photos

Perhaps the most controversial blog post known to the e-streets touched down on Bossip earlier today. The site whose Twitter profile descript reads, “We are the premier destination for Af-Am pop culture & entertainment, with a voice that’s edgy, viciously hilarious, politically aware–and completely unique,” was blasted after publishing a post that featured raw photos of Esther Baxter’s lifeless fetus in a toilet.

Bossip however claims they did not steal the photos and that Esther handed it to them personally tweeting “She sent it to us. That’s how she wanted to tell her side of the story,” to Ozone Magazine EIC, Julia Beverly.

Esther on the other hand adamantly claims otherwise.

The vixen gave Bossip an exclusive video interview to share her side of a messy breakup with Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden who she claims beat her to the point where she lost their 3-month-old child. On May 3 during a public dispute, Esther tweeted to Budden “Documented proof speaks volumes!!! You can put out pics of me naked!! But I have pics of abuse and death!!! Try me!!”

Question still remains, whether Esther did or did not give Bossip permission to tweet, should they have done so anyway?