The Clipse’s Malice Wants A New Name

Hopefully you’ve fully splintered any remaining dreams of Malice returning to the booth, because the Virginia rapper turned reverent devotee doesn’t even want you referring to his Clipse moniker any more. 

“I’m not a malicious person, and I don’t really like answering to that. I know that people that follow the Clipse or follow my music, they know Malice, so I understand that, I get that, but you don’t want to be under any moniker that’s of evil intent, that’s not you. I come to more believe that there’s so much power in the tongue. The power of the tongue is life and death, so I believe if you are what you fall under whether it’s in your subconscious or not. It’s just me trying to clean up a little bit. But I haven’t thought of that name yet. So Malicious is what it is right now.”

While his brother Pusha T rhymes on with a G.O.O.D Music deal, Malice is currently promoting his new book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked, which will chronicle his religious journey. “When I went through my experience, I wasn’t thinking about music,” he said. “I had to put it into the book and just share it once and for all.”

Malice has also said that he’s still very proud of his work with the Clipse and would never disown his catalouge. 

Props → HipHopDX