Consequence Says He Helped Kanye Write Lyrics; Explains His Issues With Q-Tip And G.O.O.D Music


The day finally came for Consequence to put his issues with Kanye West, Q-Tip and Pusha-T on front street.

Yesterday (May. 4), in an explosive interview on MTV’s Rap Fix Live, the Queens native sat down with Sway and explained how he felt slighted after offering so much of his talent and personal energy into both Ye and Tip’s careers and lives.

On why he feels Kanye changed: I’m aggressively passive when it comes to confrontation. How long do you think I’m gonna sit and wait….all I know is this. [Kanye and I] were going to Q-Tip’s crib, going through samples….and he was talking about his situations. And I’ve always been here. I’ve played my position….there’s 2 things that change you. Life and Death. Unfortunately for [Kanye], Death changed his dynamic. And Life has changed my dynamic. I have a son coming in August. And he deserves to know how his dad contributed to this….I cannot allow nobody to sweep my legacy under the rug. Regardless, friend foe whatever.”

“It is true I participated on writing lyrics. Every album [Kanye’s] had, I’ve been involved creatively…I’ve taken a mentor role on helping him deliver… Check the credits, I get royalty checks. I helped out on “Champion” and never got credit…that was my brain thoughts.”

(Regarding other G.O.O.D. Music artists, ie Common, Pusha T, and maybe Big Sean?) “You got a model, a plagarist, and a n—a running around fronting with the toast….make sure you listen to MOD 3. Holla”

“I’m from the streets. When you get in the street money, you ain’t entitled to the same rights as people from the private sector….When you dealing with street dudes, you gotta abide by that. We don’t learn to rap at Yale….” “Clarification, I am no longer aligned with said parties [Kanye West, Q-Tip, GOOD Music]. And I’m in a great space creatively. I have a roster of talented people and I want to make sure they get their shot.”

(via MissInfo)