Consequence Shows Love To Amber Rose; Says He Has No Beef With Her

The truth is slowing spilling out from first rapper to be taking on the entire G.O.O.D Music camp. In another clip from Consequence’s shocking sitdown with MTV’s Sway, the rapper explains reveals more.

Despite name dropping and bringing Amber Rose into his beef with Kanye West, Consequence told Sway that he has no ill will for the model and former girlfriend of ‘Ye.

“Before I go any further, shout out to Amber (Rose),” said a relaxed Consequence. “I relate to who she is. I understand who she is as a woman. I wanna say this it out loud, I don’t think any woman ever wants to be in the position where their livelihood is compromised. No woman ever wants to ever have to work in (famed strip bar) Sue’s Rendezvous. She navigated herself the best way she could. It was a survival tactic.”

Cons continued to big up Amber’s ambition, viewing her relationship moves as part of a hustle to get ahead in life. “So when you see the trailer and you see her on stage with Kanye and then you her on stage with Wiz, it’s definitely not a shot at her.” When pressed by Sway why he included the blond bombshell in the clip, Cons passionately added, “’cause that’s how the game go. Let it go, homie. That’s how the game go. Don’t address no blond dykes, holla at the Cons.” – no doubt speaking to Kanye directly. As he ended his rant, Cons stated firmly the message was clear. That remains to be seen in the weeks to come following this blistering account