Cover Reveal: Rick Ross Covers VIBE’s June/July Sexy Issue!

Hip-hop’s biggest bawse let’s it all hang out for VIBE’s Sexy issue! Check out an excerpt from his x-rated cover story where The Breakfast Club’s sassy host Angela Yee gets Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill and Pill to talk candidly and crassly about all things sex

. And be sure to keep an eye out for our second cover reveal.

 YOU DON’T REALIZE how colossal Rick Ross is until he removes his white Tee. It’s startling. Six feet of portly tattooed excess, his drooping pecs flexing as he hulks through the Danish contemporary SoHo furniture store BoConcept. Rozay is shooting his first solo VIBE cover—the sexy issue, no less—and a memo from Captain Conspicuous reads that Ross is not the conventional poster child for the cause. He doesn’t sing bra-popping hooks like Trey Songz or lyrically pander and pucker to women like Drake. But the Miami native wears a quiet confidence that shouts at anyone within earshot, seemingly lessons from the Christopher Wallace school of swag (or “schwaag,” as Ross articulates).

The man born William Leonard Roberts II, who’s quietly evolved into a rap heavyweight since his 2006 debut, Port of Miami, is not alone. As he grips his tangle of black diamond speckled chains, each shimmering with every camera flash, D.C. wordsmith Wale, Atlanta trapper Pill and Philly rap rookie Meek Mill shoot the shit while reclining on showroom couches. The three regulars are Ross’ newest recruits to his Maybach Music Group squadron, draft picks that mirror Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem’s recent team building. Ross already has high expectations for his first compilation album, Self-Made, Vol. 1: “Timeless music… We gon’ shock a lot of motherfuckers.”

Yet tonight, radio personality Angela Yee, of New York’s Power 105.1, intends to do all the shocking. With a hat tip to Bobbito Garcia and his celebrated VIBE column (“Soundcheck”), Yee loads up her iPod with love songs to create a playlist for a raunchy after-hours convo with Team Maybach. The sounds of love lead to talk of cheating, going downtown, and the infamous gold digger “leg lock” maneuver.